About Us



Islagrande.com is a digital store with a Marketplace structure, offering a wide range of products and services from various suppliers in the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. We have preferential prices through the integration of three different business models. B2B; to reach the Business sector from our Business suppliers, B2C; to distribute from our Business suppliers to Consumers and D2C; to sell Directly from our manufacturers providers to Consumers.


By operating as a Marketplace, Islagrande.com provides the complete e-commerce logistics management service to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, or marketers. We provide a complete service from the receipt of the product, storage, packaging, shipping, and collection. We also have a communication team in charge of promotion, marketing, and customer service.


All products and services are supported by their manufacturers and the wholesalers of each country, with which quality, price and fast delivery are guaranteed.


In Islagrande.com different secure payment methods are accepted such as: credit/debit cards as well as other authorized payment platforms available in the market.

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