Last updated: December 2021

Each product in its description contains the information related to the delivery:

  • Form of delivery: if the purchase order is delivered to the address or if it must be picked up directly by the RECIPIENT, in which case the following is specified: place, opening hours and contact information.

  • Shipping cost ( if applicable)

  • Delivery time, counting from the approval of the purchase order

Once a purchase is made, we verify its authenticity and proceed to its approval and delivery.

When placing the order, the CUSTOMER may also define an ALTERNATIVE CONTACT, who will receive or picked up the products in the absence of the RECIPIENT.

We have several suppliers and distributors. An order with more than one product can be divided into separated deliveries and some products shall be picked up by the RECIPIENT.

In the PAYMENT PROCESS (checkout) the delivery cost is detailed, which is part of the total amount of the order.

Nothing additional is charged to the RECIPIENT at the delivery.

Some products allow you to select specific dates and times for delivery, keep in mind to make these purchases 48 hours before the date you want them to be delivered.

Orders that contain errors in the delivery addresses may be temporarily withheld, in these cases, we contact the CUSTOMER to make the relevant rectifications.


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